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Halloooo ~

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Soft Core Yaoi
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Crampt areas
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Zero Angel by Angelotte

UKISS Cinderella by UkissAddiction




Blood Red Knight - Info ~

Enzru has always been alone for he is a demon and therefore is despised by the people. His powers are too much for his human body to contain anymore without proper training, but of course, no-one is willing to help him… In a matter of hours, a small town was reduced to ashes, none of the townsfolk were injured, they fled when pure red flames started appearing. And there he was, alone once again…
That small town took him in when he just happened to wonder into it, he was the age of eight at the time. The towns people gave him a home and food… That was until they found out he was a demon.
One night, Enzru was continuously asking his foster mother and father to play with him, they were beat from working out in the fields all day so they turned him down, just as they had done all the other times. In fact, Enzru can’t even remember one time when they played more than 5 minutes with him, even then, a lot of time had passed since then. A red glow started appearing around him, he grew more and more irritated, and the more annoyed he got the brighter the glow became… Until, he finally snapped. Red flames were burning what little that couple had, their entire house was burnt down, until nothing remained but ashes…

Thats about all I've got for now (only just came up with it all last night when I wasn't able to sleep)
I'll hopefully be adding more to it later when I get the time.


Enzru by Angelotte


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Im sorry for being inactive for so long but i joined the military and its made things difficult even so i promised for a donation id do a drawing for you bout two years ago, well im a man of my word what should your drawing be of
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Hello~! ^ 7 ^
Thank you so much for watching me :iconrubcheeksplz:
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